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what icon are using and why?

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User Info: MrVilla61391

4 years ago#1
I change it all the time, but right now I'm using the bullet cuz I play Deadpool.
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User Info: JMBoote

4 years ago#2
Dat Attorney's badge. I need not explain why.
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User Info: Firsnachie

4 years ago#3
Maya. Cuz she's the best!

User Info: GameNerd1994

4 years ago#4
The image of Doom's mask looking directly in the direction of the screen, since I think it looks badass and Doom's my third favorite Marvel character, next to Taskmaster and Man-Thing.
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User Info: DuuuDe14

4 years ago#5
Vergil's portrait with Smokin' Sick Style as the title. Gotta represent
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User Info: smasher61

4 years ago#6
Flying Sentinel. Because he's my favorite char...
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User Info: BatmanVonDoom

4 years ago#7
spiderman cos he awesome
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User Info: memo7878

4 years ago#8
jill cause i bought her

User Info: Nocturnal15

4 years ago#9
Crescent moon w/ stars. Why? I'm a night owl.
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User Info: pwned3x

4 years ago#10
Magneto's helmet
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  3. what icon are using and why?

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