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4 years ago#1
So after playing keepaway with the older team of Deadpool/Taskmaster/Hawkeye, I realized my Hawkeye was ass, and my Taskmaster wasnt so hot either.

So! I randomized that cast and got Trish and Arthur on the top of my list, so can anyone give me some advice on them? BnB's, tactics and such?
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4 years ago#2
Well Trish works pretty well Solo, but she isn't a crazy combo character, you know those guys that do combos that build 2 bars and 80%+ damage.

She does however have some neat trick, like match up wise it's always fun to mess with super skrulls that are meteor smash crazy by setting a peekaboo and standing right under it. You could also set a hopscotch behind you and try zoning out teleporters safely.

During her round harvest, if you hard tag out the boomerang sword can't be push blocked, so you could go in for a mix up with Deadpool. Also if you pick kantama rama? assist with dead pool you could set up unblockables

All her assists are pretty good, Peekaboo being the one stat stands out the most, it'll be used more as a momentum breaker than a combo starter.

Her divekick is special cancelable so keep that in mind.

Like I said she isn't a combo character so don't expect any good fly combos like doom or magneto, characters break out of her combos really quick, and peekaboo is useless if used in a combo that's longer than 3 hits. And I'm pretty sure you can't use hopscotch multiple times in a combo either =S
4 years ago#3
Well maybe since you have Trish you can start Arthur, use his armor and Trish's trap assist so you can safely tag him out to Deadpool. I imagine that would work most of the time.
4 years ago#4
This used to be my team a while back. I used Trish, Deadpool, and Arthur. I love Trish with an otg assist. However, in the end I decided to drop Arthur because I didn't like his mobility. I actually switched to Hawkeye.

Overall, I can't really help much in terms of keepaway since I rushdown with Trish. but a decent combo with Trish is, lmhs, air M, dive kick, lmhs, air mmhs, otg, round harvest, S, air S, air S, air max voltage. It does pretty decent damage. Deadpool's otg benefits Trish in many ways. She can combo of the assist in the corner, can use Sparda Hyper in a combo, etc. This is why I like point Trish. Arthur's arrows are really good for Deadpool's teleport mixups. However, Arthur as an anchor didn't work for me.

However, I think I'm a little partial to Chris, Deadpool, and Trish mainly because they are my first team, and I still use them. :)
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4 years ago#5
I want to bump this because of reasons.
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4 years ago#6
Falcon Bump!
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4 years ago#7
Arthur really needs a good 2-4 bars when entering and Trish is gonna want to use up every last drop.
4 years ago#8
Huh... so both of them are pretty meter hungry, can you give me a better 2nd character assist then?
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4 years ago#9
KajinNinja posted...
Huh... so both of them are pretty meter hungry, can you give me a better 2nd character assist then?

Trish is not meter hungry if you have an otg assist. You should be building the meter you burn to kill and pick up some from playing lame. If you don't put deadpool behind her then she is kinda reliant on meter for any real damage. She can work at anchor if you want to put her there but since she can't get anything but a super off of air throws it will be tough to make a 3v1 comeback once x-factor runs out.
4 years ago#10
So I should put Trish on point then with Deadpool Katana-Rama? Beacause I actually liked Deadpool with Peek-a-Boo.
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