Attention Armando, Calling you out.

#1Zanmato555Posted 8/6/2012 10:58:51 AM
Remember this?

vs Zanmato, up to $200, just to prove how terribad your derperine is. Ft10

Let's go. ReveLAtions. Show up for once. You called me out, now i'm calling you out. Hopefully, you show up. And i'm upping the MM, $500. And no, I didn't go to evo, I was in surgery, and I made sure everyone I challenged at Evo knew I wouldn't show up, AND rescheduled. So yeah, let's go.

I'll show you how your lagtics don't help at all offline.
#2KingandqueensPosted 8/6/2012 10:59:28 AM
Isn't he dead?
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#3WiNdDeMoN150Posted 8/6/2012 11:01:09 AM
Offline players> online players, fact
The darkness in your soul disgusts me.
#4xQUEENOFLOVEHDxPosted 8/6/2012 11:04:21 AM
Ernesto Raygoza is wanted for the murder of Armando Armandoson

He's still at large somewhere in the depths of Las Vegas
#5Zang_BaPosted 8/6/2012 11:05:44 AM
He hasn't shown up in such a long time what makes you think he's going to start now? Ernesto Raygoza scared him away. I wouldn't show up to EVO either if he was my first opponent.
#6koga_wolf_demonPosted 8/6/2012 11:06:55 AM
Shoutouts to bayarea510 for being an Iron Man fraud. :3
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#7bochi1986Posted 8/6/2012 11:07:00 AM
you should MM Raygoza.

that, if you dare.

protip: dont! Raygoza is GDLK
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#8Zanmato555(Topic Creator)Posted 8/6/2012 11:12:44 AM
I already bodied Raygoza 100 to 7. That 7 was only due to me making out with 12 sexy asian chicks during those 7 matches.
#9Zang_BaPosted 8/6/2012 11:15:12 AM
I don't believe that for even a second. Nothing can stop Ernesto Raygoza.
#10FirsnachiePosted 8/6/2012 11:15:24 AM
Armando hasent been here in forever can't we just drop this?
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