Starting to think EVERY team should have doom...

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  3. Starting to think EVERY team should have doom...
3 years ago#11
OMEGA RUGAL posted...
liltagg posted...
OMEGA RUGAL posted...
WiNdDeMoN150 posted...
Dopples posted...
It's been apparent for a while now that a good lockdown assist will get you VERY far in Marvel 3, even since Vanilla with Akuma's tatsu assist. Why do you think Akuma and Wolvie were considered BFFs? :P

I wish Akuma's tatsu was still as good as it was in Vanilla. Oh well, it still is a good assist I suppose.

Has it actually lost any priority at all?

nah, but it's not soft knockdown anymore, so depending on who you use it can be more difficult to pick up (and nowhere near as good mid-combo)

That's the one nerf I knew about but I yea ... I think priority wise it is still the same.

Wesker combos off of Ryu Tatsu mid combo easier now than Akuma.

Use to be the other way around as Ryu's Tatsu assist use to be pretty slow coming out while Akuma's was faster and gave you all the time in the world to combo from it.

I believe the hitbox was nerfed slightly as well, so that it hits less above him.
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  3. Starting to think EVERY team should have doom...

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