So what happened with Combofiend

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This is the main reason why I hate conservatards


I hate both, but conservatives don't get butthurt over a simple word.

um yes, it is a conservative stance, thats just obvious. All the "family values christian" types hate swearing. if you say blasphemous stuff in Saudi Arabia you'll get executed.

the people who think profanity is offensive, watch this:

They are both bad, already said this.

Agree with this, both sides have their annoying quirks. Swinging too far to either side will guarantee an even more unbearable society to live in.
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what the hell happened to this topic. wish there was a video about it.
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Oh wow. People were actually mad at that?

The man said f*****ry in response to a guy saying he loves all the meat (talking about ordering a pizza).

It was a joke, and he instantly regretted it and felt awful and apologized multiple times.

I really thought he was the only person making a deal out of this. No one really seemed to care at the moment it happened. Everyone just kept telling him it was whatever.
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It's possible to be funny and not curse. Why won't people get this? Fluffy guy proves this.

It's like what Eminem said:

"Will Smith don't gotta cuss in his raps to sell records. Well I do, so **** him and **** you too."

And where is Mr. Mathers now? How many movies has Mr. Smith been in? Who what where? Moral of the story? Keep cussing.

W...what? I don't even...I can't even think of a legitimate response to this. There's just...too much wrong with it. I'm...I'm going to go out for a few hours and try to wrap my mind around this...this **** thing.

LMFAO! I know! I was all reading this topic about Combo and then this guy wrote that and I was mind****ed! LOL

*goes to read the rest of the topic*
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Anyone who allows themselves to be offended over a word is an insecure idiot.

It really wasn't a big deal. He wasn't even referring to anyone's sexuality. The stream monsters jumped on it and started trolling him hardcore, causing him to apologize. The language in stream chat at any given moment is 100X worse than what he said.
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i think he got so depressed because right after he said it ricky O was playing and making cute little ricky-o bunny faces and it was making combo sad cuz he was hating on a cute little bunny face
Oops, my bad, that's my scenario.
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Put on your big boy pants and stop whining about trivial, inconsequential nonsense.

Best advice in this thread


even if combo publicly apologized for his wrong doings....

its actually sad to see on twitter how many homophobic slurs are just being thrown around....everyday...

"think before you speak" is the only way to prevent this
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Just let this topic die people, arguing this on gamefaq is pointless.
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Just let this topic die people, arguing this on gamefaq is pointless.

Truer words my friend, It was still fun for me though.
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Just let this topic die people, arguing this on gamefaq is pointless.

Truer words my friend, It was still fun for me though.

Fun for you to be a butthurt liberal? Okay.
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