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4 years ago#1
Just list all you teams from vanilla to now regardless of how long you used them or how serious they were. If you could list why would be nice as well

As for me my very first main team was She/Hulk/Skrull. They all had green skin and wore purple tights.
Joe/arthur/M.O.D.O.K.- small limbs
Leilei/Tron/Haggar- get off me central
Chunli/Storm/Skrull- giant fireball, giant lightning ball, giant energy ball makes for a beatiful THC
Next main team was cap/Thor/Morrigan- had wings on their head. Won a local with em
Wesker/Viper/Joe- they wore shades
Viper/Thor/Storm- all electricity
Next main team was Dorm/Doom/Shuma-Gorath- their lvl 3s each enclosed you in something
Dropped doom for Thor. Lost horribly to moons at Guard Crush with that team
Last main team for vanilla was leilei/Jill/M.O.D.O.K. To see how the 3 most underused char (imo) could worked together

First main in umvc Shuma-Gorath/Strange/Dormammu
Hulk/Haggar/Nemesis- dat health
Nemesis /Chris/Raccoon
Next main was Joe/Nova/Firebrand
Next main was Chunli/X23/Iron fist
Current main is Ghost Rider/Nemesis/Wesker
Leilei/Ghost rider/Dormammu

So there are all my teams ive ever made with my 3 main quick pick teams being Hsien-ko/Jill/M.O.D.O.K., Shuma-Gorath/Dr. Strange/Dormammu, and Ghost Rider/Nemesis/Wesker. Whats your history?
4 years ago#2
Manly characters
Godlike assists
Manly characters with godlike assists
Troll teams
Characters I find fun to play

and finally...

Manly characters with godlike assists that I find fun to play

I can't remember the exact teams, but its not hard to guess. About 3-7 teams for each.
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4 years ago#3
Viewtiful Joe/Task/Sentinel


Frank West/Dante/Taskmaster
Dante/Frank West/Taskmaster

only main teams.
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4 years ago#4
Ugh it'd be simpler listing the teams I haven't used.

Noteworthy teams
Cap / Spencer / Sent
Firebrand / Dorm / Deadpool
Hulk / Nem / Sent
Nem / Thor / Shehulk
Nova / IM / Spencer
Iron fist / Spencer / Strange
Wovlerine / Magnus / Cap
Nova / Spencer / Frank
Tron / Frank / Nova
Nem / Rocky / Deadpool
x-23 / Storm / Task
Morrigan / Doom / Ammy

Happy with the main two I am using now though
Wolvie / Magnus / Cap
IF / Spencer / Strange
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4 years ago#5
From vanilla towards now:

Ammy/Felicia/Tron -- this one stuck with me quite a long time
Vergil/Hiryu/Rocket Raccoon
Felicia/Ammy/Doom -- stuck with this for a REALLY long time
Felicia/Ammy/Hiryu -- now my main
Ammy/Dante/Felicia -- practicing this one
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4 years ago#6
It's not hard to see who my favorite character is. Lol.
UMvC3: Felicia (B) / Amaterasu (B) / Strider (Y). Offline player.
"Ask them to stop spamming hitconfirms" ~Karsticles (08/23/2012)
4 years ago#7

Magneto is my favorite comic book character ever. Ever. I loved DMC so I decided to play Dante day 1, and I used Morrigan in VS and CvS2 so it was natural to use her here as well.

This is my only team, but I sometimes run it in reverse depending on the matchup
4 years ago#8
I want to post here just to see how much I've changed, because to be honest, I haven't changed much since Vanilla...

Day 1: Viewtiful Joe / Chun Li / Ryu
Week 1: Viewtiful Joe / Morrigan / Ryu
Week ?: Viewiful Joe / Ryu / Sentinel
Sub Team: C. Viper / Morrigan / Sentinel
Troll Team: Viewtiful Joe / Morrigan / Phoenix

Day 1: Viewtiful Joe / Ghost Rider / Morrigan and Ryu / Morrigan / Strider
Day 1 Sub Team: Ghost Rider / Morrigan / Dante
Week 1: Viewtiful Joe / Morrigan / Sentinel
Week 1 Sub Team: Iron Fist / Ghost Rider / Hawkeye
Week ?: Morrigan / Doctor Doom / Viewtiful Joe
Week ? Sub Team: C. Viper / Iron Fist / Hawkeye

Basically, the only teams that I still actively use are my Vanilla Week 1 and Week ? teams and my two Week ? teams in UMVC3.
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4 years ago#9
Iron Man / Dr. Doom / Sentinel Had a 26% win percentage in Vanilla. So I had to switched teams obviously.

Wolverine / Akuma / Sentinel Copied the top rank player on the leaderboard. Did really well.

Deadpool / Dante / Morrigan Played with this team through most of Vanilla. Got my win percentage up to 50%.

Deadpool / Ryu / Morrigan Dropped Dante because of changes from Vanilla to UMvC3.

Felicia / Hulk / Akuma Recent team I play a lot of.
4 years ago#10
Since I only started Ultimate:

My first team was

Than onto

And I kept it like that for a very long while until I composed three teams because I finished most titles

Guess my favorite character. lol
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