Why do most Marvel characters yell their attacks' names?

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4 years ago#11
It's a fighting game. Any character with a named special move tends to do that.
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4 years ago#12
I think it's neat that a lot of characters don't actually say most of their move names.
4 years ago#13
Because fighting games.
4 years ago#14
Back in the old days when Capcom "Japanimated" the Marvel cast to fit an arcade fighter,
it kinda stuck now, I can't not hear Spidy say "Maximum Spider!" or Wolverine say "Tornado Claw!", or Cap say "Shield Slash!" It's too late, for MvC, i'd be weird for them to not say it.

Ca-Jun-Slash! lol

on the other hand, when Marvel has Activision or whatever make a game, they always try to stay as "movie dramatic' as possible, the Marvel characters still do fancy stuff in those games, but but never say moves because, i'd be weird if they did, well, to me.
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4 years ago#15
DoctorTitor posted...
Tactician_Lord posted...
In martial arts you scream in order to bring out strength and energy towards your attack...though it sound silly it actually works that way. I believe its something to do with how your muscles tense when you scream...so instead of having comic books and manga attacks be all "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" we have it like "Bionic AAAAARM!" and other stuff.

For some characters that doesn`t really make sense, but it turned out to be quite popular with the fans...and it actually makes sense with Dr Strange and Dormammu, as many of their magic attacks require you to say an incantation or the name of an entity.

Yeah but look at a game like Street FIghter x Tekken (be patient, not bashing this game). I think that they nailed the lines for the Tekken side. They don't scream the names of their moves, they use screams, short lines and grunts in their specials for the most part. The Marvel cast should really be like that.

"However, used properly and skillfully it can be an effective and compact narrative device. There isn't really a simpler way to let the audience know that Captain Kirk's next phaser blast isn't supposed to kill the alien, or that Judge Dredd's next bullet is supposed to go "boom". Especially in manga, it's particularly difficult to let the reader know what special attacks are used without either motion or color, so having the characters say it is probably the most practical solution. "


As for me? I`d rather the characters fighting seem alive and comic book-ish than real life like. I just imagine Ryu not saying Hadouke or the like...and suddenly he losses more personality than he has. XD

PS: I don`t find it silly at all and think its rather enjoyable and helps separate it from the movie counterpart.
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4 years ago#16
As far as Capcom games go, most, if not all characters call out at least one of their moves.
This actually helps me figure which move is which.
It's like this, I see that Doom announces Foot Dive, and when I want to learn how to do that, I can check out the command list, and find out that the move is not a special (though in this case it might as well be since it is the special air launch and is treated as such).
But the point here is that it serves a bit of a practical use for me.
Most characters on either side don't even announce their moves by name, and instead have some kind of special sound. Felicia doesn't call out rolling buckler, and wesker doesn't call out ANY of his moves (the entire RE cast does no, that would be out of character). In fact, notice how older Marvel characters announce their attacks just as they had done back in older fighting games.

That being said, I think we need to rethink our priorities about what a video game needs to have if we are truly losing sleep or in fact seriously considering the reality of characters announcing their moves. Little things like that lands you in places you don't want to be, I hope.
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4 years ago#17
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