So is Wesker/Doom/Strider the best Strider team?

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I don't see how him on point would ever be better. He he too low of hp. He doesn't do enough damage, requires lots of resets, and is better off coming in when he has 3 bars

dante/doom/strider seems pretty sick though

Because people are stupid theory fighters.

If you put Strider on point, you're stupid. Plain and simple. His assist is too good and there's no benefit to playing him on point.

Has nothing to do with theory fighters really, no one is saying that Strider would be a godlike point, people are just proposing a situation "what if I played Strider on point?" "How would I build a team around him?" Sometimes people to give themselves things to think about. Sometimes people like to experiment and have fun with the game sometimes, not everyone is preparing for Evo, not everyone feels the need to prepare and face the best players even if they will never meet any of them.
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