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This is a little embarrassing but I need a little help with Dante

#1MedicalGamerPosted 10/4/2012 10:22:45 PM
Specifically on BC stinger into volcano. I know how to do it but I've been at for the past three days trying to get it. I know how to do out but I can't seem to get it work. Either I'm to slow inputting srk motion or I'm waiting for too long...
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#2DX1900Posted 10/4/2012 10:27:44 PM
After the f.H you do it as fast as possible, like all as one command. f.H>ATK+Sdp.M.
#3CrossDragonPosted 10/4/2012 10:41:37 PM
f.H (continue holding forward) BC (L+S is what I use) 236M (QCF motion)

If you did it right, Volcano comes out. If you did it wrong and didn't continue holding forward after the Stinger, Crystal comes out.

Input Bold Cancel right as you see the Stinger connect.
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#4Q_BlahPosted 10/4/2012 11:22:39 PM
Practice until your fingers bleed my friend. That is the only way. That's how I got all Dantes combos and Zeros lighting loops down.
#5FaustianLogixPosted 10/4/2012 11:34:07 PM
You can buffer the whole thing through the Stinger animation. So after you do your F+H just go straight into bold cancel -> volcano.
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#6darkkingdomkeyPosted 10/4/2012 11:48:12 PM
i plink the bold cancel, so i will do stinger, plink the S and M, and while i am plinking do the SRK motion, takes some time to get use to, but i find it works pretty good
#7SaggyMaggiePosted 10/4/2012 11:53:49 PM
I don't have any specific tips, just some encouraging words.

Don't fret as it took me along time to get this down in training. Then waaay more even longerer to do it online.

But now I can do it online with my eyes closed and with a bin bag tied over my head (And I don't even main Dante anymore... well sort of).

It will come with time & practice.