Obama vs. Romney FT10 $500 MM tonight

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User Info: serpentaurus

4 years ago#11
Obama team is Spencer/Ororo/Sentijamal
Romney team is Zero/Vergil/Skrull
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User Info: badjab326

4 years ago#12
serpentaurus posted...
Obama team is Iron Fist(color6)/Ororo/Sentijamal
Romney team is Zero/Vergil/Skrull

TTT2-Bruce & Bryan; UMvC3-Frank/Deadpool/Nems; MK9-Reptile

User Info: Herr_Edgeworth

4 years ago#13
Do we know who won the Money Match yet?
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User Info: GamerFood

4 years ago#14
Obama is using Chun-Li because of her shadow lady color apparently

User Info: SSJGrimReaper

4 years ago#15
Why isn't Spider-Man on Obama's team?
Big Apple, 3 A.M.

User Info: BillbertDan

4 years ago#16
Romney takes it with the power of MorriDoom.
I still think Billbert Dan's the best he owns you ALL 1000-0!!! <---- Truth

User Info: rossguy123

4 years ago#17
Then Pedro pops up out of nowhere with Iron Fist/Ryu/Chris, and get a perfect 10-0 on them both.
1. Shuma, Raccoon, Strider
2. Shuma, Tron, Skrull

User Info: Taizuku

4 years ago#18
Obama was sandbagging. Pulled through in the end.


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User Info: Fooforaw

4 years ago#19
No matter who wins, someone's going home salty as peanuts.

User Info: CombaticusXY

4 years ago#20
Obama just won, Vajra and then an OTG confirm off of Ohio
Team All In: Captain America/ Nova/ Dr. Doom.. It's On now!!
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