Titor's objective sexual attractiveness tier list

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User Info: xion1

4 years ago#11
Good list but Felicia needs to be higher.

User Info: ThaCMaster

4 years ago#12
Morrigan and Tony Stark are too low for starters. They'd probably bang each other too, lol.
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User Info: smasher61

4 years ago#13
tron should be on the top-right corner
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User Info: alorotom

4 years ago#14
Dormanmu and Ghost Rider are too low, I mean, isn't it apparent with their facial structures?

Their amazing jawlines prove that they are manlier than what you have on your chart.

User Info: RoccoRed

4 years ago#15
I see what you did thar with Phoenix...
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User Info: catkiller904

4 years ago#16
I laughed so hard at Joe
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User Info: BlackViper415

4 years ago#17
Haggar needs his own tier for masculinity.

User Info: Poltergust

4 years ago#18
See, Titor? I knew you still had feelings for Nova. =P
I find sports video games to be the ultimate in irony and redundancy.-Kahai

User Info: supersmashbrosf

4 years ago#19
X-23 should be higher.
"If you make an ass out of yourself, there will always be someone to ride you"-Bruce Lee

User Info: Karsticles

4 years ago#20
Whaaaat? Dormammu is smokin' hot.
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