Next Capcom crossover you want

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DarkKirby2500 posted...
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*points to sig*

Felicia/Vergil/Doom and Magneto/Doom/Vergil
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Capcom vs. Sega. With Eternal Champions characters in it. Also as a Pocket Fighter Edition.
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Capcom vs Data East,oh wait............they did that one.
#24ZekiraPosted 11/25/2012 9:11:48 PM
A Capcom vs. BandaiNamco fighting game.

Square Enix vs. Capcom isn't bad either, I would love to make my weaponmaster team of Ammy/Firion/Hiryu!

I guess Capcom vs. Arc Sys may work? But this is the most unlikely company to be willig to do this... I just wanna use Taokaka with MvC mechanics D:
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I couldn't care less. It could be Capcom VS the cast of HIMYM and I'd still buy the game as long as they're using the MvC style. In all honesty, I actually dislike the fact that MvC has marvel attached to much limitations.

Here's to Capcom Fighting Jam VS Style!!!!
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SSJ4CHRIS posted...
Capcom vs. Sega. With Eternal Champions characters in it. Also as a Pocket Fighter Edition.
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Capcom vs Namco Bandai or Capcom vs Nintendo.

So much potential.
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marvel vs shonen jump (made by capcom)

never gonna happen namco owns the video game license for one piece naruto and DBZ

why not just request shonen vs namco?
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Capcom Vs Shonen Jump

Goku Luffy and Naruto vs Megaman Leon and Soki

Can anyone say "epic"?
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