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4 years ago#11
hahahahaha firebrand and vipers spots
4 years ago#12
dsfasdfdasas (double post)
4 years ago#13

fixed IMO
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4 years ago#14
sbn4 posted...
Call me stupid, but I'm not sure how to read this stuff.

Is he basically saying Akuma is lower mid tier but is well rounded? And Spider Man is upper tier but has faults?

How to read it: The higher up they are, the better they are on point. The further to the right they are, the better they support your team (Mainly through assists).

So essentially he was saying that Spiderman is a great point character but his assists are pretty much useless (which is true).
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4 years ago#15
Ah okay, thanks. So someone like Dante and Vergil are also good point characters with good assists I'm guessing?
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4 years ago#16
Batistuta7 posted...

fixed IMO

I like yours better.
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4 years ago#17
Doom doesn't supply as much support as Dante? :/
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4 years ago#18
doom is a great assist.

dante is a great assist, a great thc, a great damage dhc, and a great safe dhc with high mixup potential.
Oops, my bad, that's my scenario.
4 years ago#19
Putting Viper that high is theoryfighting at its best.
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4 years ago#20
Ok I'm a Firebrand fan, but there is absolutely no way he has higher point value than Magneto.
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