Official Northeast Championships 13 Discussion

#1Project5BossPosted 11/30/2012 3:35:14 AM

NECXIII will be sponsored by:
Big E Gaming
Philadelphia PA 19143

STREAM: (Main)

Will be streamed by none other than the infamous Team Sp00ky! The stream can be found

2nd Stream–Tekken/SCV and more Jaxel:

3rd Stream–All around Bifuteki:

4th Stream Smash(Brawl and Melee)– Calvin-VGBootCamp and Mark-Clash and

5th Stream P4A/BB/GG – Alan:

Unless otherwise stated all console tournaments will be played on PS3.
All singles tournaments will be standard format 2/3 games for normal matches and 3/5 for finals matches. (UMVC3 will be 3/5)
Team tournaments are single match the entire tournament including all finals matches.

Venue and entry fees will be collected between 9am and 5pm both days. Please allow 1 hour prior to tournament start time to register. Even if you preregistered online you will still need to check in at the registration desk for each tournament.
Saturday 12/01/12
Team Tournaments:
SSF4:AE teams 3v3 — 11:00am — $30 per team
UMvc3 3v3 — 11:30am — $30 per team
3S:OE 3v3 — 6:30pm
DOA5– 2v2– 1pm — $20 per team
SfXt–2v2- 3pm – $20 per team
MK9– 2v2 - – $10 per team
ScV–2v2 –12pm–$20 per team
TTT2-2v2 — 12pm–$20 per team
KoF13 — 3v3– 1pm — $30 per team
Brawl and Melee Teams
SATURDAY 12/01/12:
Singles Tournaments:
SSF4:AE — 6:00pm — $10 — will continue Sunday–ps3– $500 pot Bonus plus some HOT prizes
UMvC3 — 6:30pm — $10 – will continue Sunday–ps3–$500 pot Bonus plus some HOT prizes(half the pools will start Saturday and the 2nd half will start sunday at 11am)
MK9 – 3pm– start time — $10–ps3– pot Bonus plus some HOT prizes
SC5 – 3pm– start time — $10 (top 8 sunday)–ps3– Pot Bonus info coming soon
TTT2 – 2pm– start time — $10 (top 8 Sunday)–ps3–$1000 Pot Bonus+ (free plane ticket to FR16)–Plus more news to come
P4U — 1:30pm– start time — $10–Ps3- $750 bonus pot(Atlus sponsored).
BB – 2:00pm start time — $10–ps3– $100 pot Bonus plus some HOT prizes.
GG – 3:30pm start time –$10– ps2
DOA 5 — 5pm — $10 — Ps3-$500 pot bonus (sponsored by Team Ninja)
Melee Doubles — 11am start time–
Brawl doubles/Melee Singles–1pm–
Brawl Singles–3pm–
ST — 5pm– start time — $10 – held on arcade cabinet Or Super Gun–Pot Bonus info coming soon
SUNDAY 12/2/12:
SSF4:AE – continued from Saturday – 1:00pm
UMvC3 – continued from Saturday – 1:30pm
KOF13– 3pm–Start time–$10–ps3

$750 pot bonus (sponsored by Atlus)
SC5– continuned from Saturday–12pm
TTT2– continuned from Saturday — 12pm

SfXTekken — 3pm–start time–$5 –entry fee
MB:AA – TBD– start time — $10–Pot Bonus info coming soon
AH3–TBD– start time– $10 entry fee–ps3
3S:OE – 3pm start time — $10–ps3–Pot Bonus info coming soon
CvS2 – TBD– $2 – PS2
UMK3 – TBD — $5
KI – TBD – $2
CE — tbd–$2

Vf5 —2pm start time—$10 entry fee–$250 pot bonus–(sponsored by Hubb and Gvn) more info to come.
#2Old_SodPosted 11/30/2012 6:20:43 AM

Hey Felica aka Phillyrider, you gonna make it out to NEC and rep GameFAQs?
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#3OMEGA RUGALPosted 11/30/2012 8:12:17 AM(edited)
I find it weird that Playstation AllStars just came out and all the sudden brawl and melee tournaments everywhere instead
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#4Project5Boss(Topic Creator)Posted 11/30/2012 8:54:59 AM
OMEGA RUGAL posted...
I find it weird that Playstation AllStars just came out and all the sudden brawl and melee tournaments everywhere instead

Sucks, I'd really watch a PAS: BR tourney, that game is pretty cool despite being imbalanced right now.
#5SadCubsFanPosted 11/30/2012 10:24:51 AM
I didnt realize it was this weekend. Which big name players are attending?
#6Project5Boss(Topic Creator)Posted 11/30/2012 10:47:05 AM
Chris G, Justin Wong, Noel Brown, I'll assume Pr Rog and Ricky Ortiz might show up. I think Yipes will be there too. Not sure if Flocker will be there but it should be good...after pools that is.

A fair amount of the people who showed up to CM5 should be there.
#7evilvergilPosted 11/30/2012 11:19:20 AM
IIRC Rayray wont be attending NEC this weekend.Alukard confirmed this on twitter.of course i could be wrong.

On another note,im super hyped!I would have liked to have gone but i work unfortunately, so im tuning in to the streams,Mainly for Marvel and Persona.
#8askinywhiteguyPosted 11/30/2012 11:25:45 AM
So this goes on at the same time as IPL? The twitch servers are already ****ed up enough as it is due to that.
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#9felicaPosted 11/30/2012 11:55:01 AM(edited)
Old_Sod posted...

Hey Felica aka Phillyrider, you gonna make it out to NEC and rep GameFAQs?

I'll be there. (I really need to change my gamefaqs name... Lol. Long story)

Tournament doesn't start til tomorrow but the room im in will be streaming tonight. Alot of good players will be doing mm's (Josh Wong,Demon Hyo,Doc Chaos,,DRS Shakugan,Moons,J Rosa,Unknown,omgitzandre etc. Yipes is already there so he will probably slide through as well. Alukard and Ray Ray said they couldn't make it.
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#10Cards_and_HatsPosted 11/30/2012 11:48:28 AM
No skullgirls? Damn even with the new patch that game is dead yo