Marvel vs. Capcom Advent Calendar

#1SSF2FanPosted 12/1/2012 2:02:45 PM
Hey, everyone. I'm going to do a fun project to count down the days to Christmas. Every day, I will give some clues on a Marvel vs. Capcom character (it can come from either MvC2 or UMvC3). The person who guesses the right answer is on my nice list, which means that he or she will get 10 points. Remember, it's like an advent calendar and will last until Christmas. Since today is December 1, let's try the first one:

Fireball; Japanese; Gouken; Capcom; Important Character

Easy one to get you started.
#2ParanoiaRebirthPosted 12/1/2012 2:06:20 PM
Do you have to be the first to guess right? Because everyone will see my answer, haha. How do I make it where spoilers are hidden? That would conceal people's answers.
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#3RobIsntDrunkPosted 12/1/2012 2:09:24 PM

Not sure whats going on, but Akuma.
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#5Herr_EdgeworthPosted 12/1/2012 2:39:06 PM
Akuma >_>
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The end of the world...

I pray it will not be happen!
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#7matthew2395Posted 12/1/2012 4:29:43 PM
I think that it is Ryu... He was trained by Gouken. But really, it could be Akuma or Ken, too. (wait... Ken's not in this game)
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#8Alom_o_molaPosted 12/1/2012 4:39:58 PM
most likely ryu
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#9SSF2Fan(Topic Creator)Posted 12/1/2012 5:45:46 PM
RoccoRed got it right and gets the first ten points. The answer was Ryu.

So the score is:

RoccoRed: 10 points

New question tomorrow.
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