Who is Yipes' Best Character?

#31prindoPosted 12/6/2012 10:11:08 AM
MVC2 Magneto.
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#32OMEGA RUGALPosted 12/6/2012 1:06:08 PM
Newuser posted...
Think it goes Spencer > Vergil > Wesker > Dante > Nova > Hawkeye > Strange >>>>>>>>>>> Magneto. He's one of the best Dante players but the problem is Dante isn't that good of a character in this game so even the best Dantes isn't that scary or unbeatable.

But the only character that I would say he's ass in is Magneto, he wasn't that ass in Magneto months ago but recently it seems he has completely forgotten how to play Magneto.

Name the set where it shows his Magneto is crap?

I bet you can't name it ...
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I'd say it's his Vergil. Which is crazy considering he has the best Dante free on top of that.
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