Haunts and Combofiend now officially down with Capcom.

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Gootecks left forever alone by Mike Ross and Combofiend. CrossCounter is looking worse than Empire Arcadia now LOLOL.

Where'd Mike go?

He was the one that brokered the deal with IPL to feature SSF4 and SFxT and "make use ESPORTS."

Oh that's cool, didn't know that. Good for him.

Too bad he the whitest black dude ever, or he would've gotten Mahvel in there too :(
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Well at least they have jobs(or new, better paying jobs?) now. That's nice, good for them.

For Combo, its a new (probably better paying) job since a few months ago he quit his previous job and then he left CC (probably in preparation for the Capcom job)
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I want Seth back