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User Info: DreamSword

4 years ago#31
I'd totally be on board for a All Capcom Fighter if Fou-Lu from BoFIV was in. Would still play UMvC3 alongside it though.
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User Info: AegisIkana

4 years ago#32
I just don't want the amount of people playing UMVC3 to die from a split for The new Fighting Jam.
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User Info: RoccoRed

4 years ago#33
As long as Ammy is in the game, no ****s will be given.

Unless they still don't fully complete her with all her moves and brushstrokes in tow.
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User Info: mantana888

4 years ago#34
Gimme some Wayne
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User Info: PSWii63

4 years ago#35
Rival school and street fighter with more chars? Shut up and take my money

User Info: sonofcasbah

4 years ago#36
the only games you've ever played with Marvel characters are the MvC series right?
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