For those crying about wolverines dive kick.

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Wolverine is ass.. zone him out.

Stop telling them my weakness >.>

*brings in Cap and proceeds to Charging Star everything*





Someone tried that this morning on stream and got bopped by my cap... lol
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up back double jump down h
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I'd much rather complain about it on gamefaqs then learn how to deal with it.
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I'd much rather complain about it on gamefaqs then learn how to deal with it.

Truth. Kappa
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ITT Vergil Helmbreaker is bad because it has recovery on wiff, and nobody should complain about it's huge, fast, braindead-to-confirm hitbox.
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How about dive kicks from jump height? The only problem I have with Wolverine's dive kick is that in a footsie war, Wolverines can just jump and quickly execute dive kick at a very low height; in that situation you will most likely be crouching and thus it becomes unthrowable because it hits lower to the ground, and it's not exactly reactable to. And 20% of the time I end up actually trying to poke his legs (c.L) and end up getting staggered orz

Well tbh the Wolverine's I play with that do that at a not-spammy rate are actually pretty smart so I really don't have any reason to feel bad about it since they're actually good Wolverines who utilize his left-rights more and throw out the dive kick mainly as a defensive manuever.
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Wolverine players: "Y u mad tho'?"

One of the reasons why I don't play online. I can hardly adjust to online delay, but Wolverine players, for example, don't get hurt as much by it and make me salty when confused why nobody is punishing them. Wolverine is really easy to get a good grip of too unlike, say, a Jill player. Same for Wesker and Vergil teleport shenanigans.

I can V dodge and zone Wolverine all damn day offline, but I can hardly box dash voomerang pressure online.
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i just xfguard cancel hahahaha. **** wolvie. i'm too **** and cannot block his unreactable mixups.
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