Updates Possible. Just Tweet the guys at Marvel.

#81KarsticlesPosted 1/14/2013 8:03:48 PM
Strider Hien posted...
Who's Frank Tieri? A publisher?

He's a big writer at Marvel.
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Strider Hien posted...
Who's Frank Tieri? A publisher?

He was one of the writers for Ultimate/Marvel vs. Capcom 3
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From: Karsticles | #081
Strider Hien posted...
Who's Frank Tieri? A publisher?

He's a big writer at Marvel.

Hmmm.....this is very good.Don't let up,guys.

This is your game.Fight for it.....Remember,NO NERFS!

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Killarock404 posted...
Logic and courtesy actually causes progress? Who would have thought.

This times all my internets.

Btw don't have a twitter but... Tweet tweet mofos
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Tweets sent! Let's do this, guys! Remember, it was fan feedback that got Phoenix Wright into this game.
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There are a few reason I don't want an update, and a few reasons I don't think it will happen.

Capcom is the one who stated that working with Marvel was a pain because they didn't appreciate Marvel forcing decisions on them. Marvel doesn't even care if the game is successful, it's an ad to them. They would happily work with Capcom again since they have no risk in doing so, so asking them doesn't mean anything.

Morrigan will certainly be nerfed, undeservingly.

X-23 will not be buffed because Marvel didn't want her in the game in the 1st place, and her comic was cancelled.
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serpentaurus posted...
can somebody pls think about dem thor buffs? T_T !!!!!!

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InstaMain! I mean, that would be the most awesome buff ever
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Bump for justice. C'mon, we have to do this, people.