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4 years ago#121
1- Megaman X
2- Bass EXE
3- Jin Saotome
4- Asura (for variety)
5- Jon Talbain

1- Gambit
2- Venom
3- SIlver Samurai
4- Parker Robins (AKA: The Hood)
5- The Mandarin
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4 years ago#122
- Capcom
MegaMan Star Force w/ EXE alt (or the other way around)
Strider Hien
Captain Commando

- Marvel
4 years ago#123
1) Falcon (Power Stone)
2) Donovan Baine
3) M. Bison
4) Sieg (Chaos Legion)
5) Magoichi Saika (Sengoku Basara)

1) Bishop
2) Apocalypse
3) Lady Bullseye
4) Carnage
5) Ms. Marvel
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4 years ago#124
1. Ms. Marvel
2. Songbird
3. Thanos
4. Moon Knight
5. Psylocke

1.Mega Man X (I don't care if Zero has his costume, he needs to be his own character)
2. Fou-Lu
3. Asura
4. Rouge (Power Stone)
5. M.Bison
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4 years ago#125
1/4 of this poll is already done.

Tight race with the Marvel top 3 spots.

Capcom has a sole leader at #1.

Looking different compared to the 2011 poll. Keep it up.
Umvc3 Teams: Zero, Vergil, Wesker - Nova, RR, Strider - Hawkeye, Morrigan, Doom - 3rd strike: Yun & Yang
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4 years ago#126
1. Mega Man
2. Felyne
3. Dr. Wily
4. Jin Saotome
5. Masamune Date

1. Cyclops
2. Doctor Octopus
3. Daredevil
4. Silver Surfer
5. Howard the Duck
4 years ago#127

- Megaman BN or SF variant
- G-Red (Gotcha Force)
- Kat (Breath of Fire 2)
- Lilith
- Jin


- Umar
- Black Widow
- Venom
- Cyclops
- Gambit
dabes @ SF2 ~Zain/Hitman~
4 years ago#128
-Mega Man (Classic)
-B.B. Hood
-M. Bison

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4 years ago#129
you should make a rule where all votes for venom go to flash because if they really wanted eddie venom they would vote toxin
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Shin Megami Tensei Imagine Japanese version name maelxich
4 years ago#130

Fou Lou (Breath of Fire 4)

Franziska Von Karma (Phoenix Wright: Justice For All)

Don't Care x 2



Luke Cage


Ms. Marvel.

Black Panther.
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