Now you all can hush. Chris G is beatable.

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demonofsparta posted...
props to PR ROG.

The guy is a beast
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The best part was that there was no supposed counter picks. No Dorms, Hawkeyes, Thors, Skrulls or MODOKs. Marlin Pie went from lol free to playing almost even same team he's been playing from the start. PR Rog just went super nutty with Wolverine and Vergil, the same characters people all over have been losing to Chris with. People were looking in the wrong places to try to win before. The strategy has holes and no people are finding and capitalizing.
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^What people? Online players did come up with laughable theories but the only characters that have actually beaten Chris G are the same overused top/high tier characters.
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KNITEMAREX posted...
No matter who wins, peeps be mad salty

Chris G has crapped on multiple high level Wolvies for fun. The fact that Rog was able to snipe out Morrigan at the correct moment in several instances speaks more for his reactions than anything

The fact that he's been so focused on AE and learning Fei makes that win even more impressive for me. Rog plays this game as a secondary and didn't lose a set all tournament

Marvel has never been a "secondary" game for Rog ... it's a main game. He trains both equally.

His timing on when to call assist and go in was the difference.

Once he was in though ... it's Wolverine with good assist for his derperslash mix ups.

Wolverine is still an amazing point character ... consistantly still getting top 8s from people other than JWong and PR Rog. And even winning majors. Last year Noel, PR Rog, JWong all won majors with Wolverine.

There is no better start of the round mayhem causing character than Wolverine.

Congrats to PR Rog for mastering that chaos more than Jwong.
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From: Eat Man | #039

What the hell is wrong with that man?!?!?!! LMAO!!!!!!

Note=I don't follow football.Giants coach?

On topic:I'm glad Chris G lost(to another Puertorrican,NO LESS...makes me so proud.We RULED! >:) ) People can look beyond their stupid,close-minded hate and actually put an effort to level up their game.And don't forget this:This will make Chris G more hungrier than ever.He will tweak his gameplay even more after this.

And this is for tourney players.Players that don't go to locals or face Chris G on a daily basis need to stop all the blabbering.I haven't seen an increase in MorriDoom usage online.
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I was at the venue and it was an amazing top 8 to watch live. The fact that we had a Shuma player, a Storm, and Skrull-West team was incredibly hype.

Justin Wong played solid all day though but was really disappointing in his match vs Chris G. He had several opportunities to take down Morrigan and Doom in each match. But he either dropped the combo or made a bad decision that ultimately lost him the round.

I was pretty disappointed to see Chris G in finals AGAIN but PR Rog taking him down made it hype enough to watch.
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PR Rog is the single luckiest player I've ever seen. Idiotic strategies that get everyone else blown up somehow work for him. He does simple mixups and ChrisG magically forgets how to block.

Also: I hate Vergil/Doom. Especially with missiles. Missiles are great, but there are much better assists for Vergil.
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Scott_Stapp_ posted...
I hate PR Rog. **** PR Rog.

Okay dude.
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Chat Noir posted...
Scott_Stapp_ posted...
I hate PR Rog. **** PR Rog.

Okay dude.

Good response. You sure showed me.
When my name was Kentai, my family would travel...down to western RI, where my name was Kentai.
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Derpserker Slash, Derp Kick, and Derpgil reign supreme