Man, we need MvC2 cable in this game.

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Ability to AHVB: Taskmaster

doesn't he only get two assistless, plus corner only?

Arthur would be the closer comparison, but it's still not fast enough to actually be AHVB-like to snipe assists or anything. also the projectiles don't go through characters, can only hit one.

I'm still trying to process it....X_X

No he get's a different one as well.

The L+H one does the same thing but you have to space it out. Yes it's hard as ****. But I've done it before in a match.
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cable would suck in this game, they'd nerf the **** out of hyper viper and psymitar

like I guess everything else he does besides the gun and grenades would be buffed to "not total garbage" but who cares
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Which is why he is asking for MvC2 Cable to consolidate all of the Cable-like attributes of those characters into one

Except that with meter building not being as easy as it was in MVC2, and with a lot more characters that would actually be able to stand a chance against him, Cable would be a waste.

rarely has Filipino champ ever went a full game without being able to get DP if she wasn't snapped in unless he was dominated from the beginning.

Also with the TAC infinites as well as TACs in general it is much easier to build meter than previously thought.

This post makes my head hurt.

"rare has filipino champ ever went a full game without being able to get dp unless the opponent did something before he could get dp or beat him before he could get dp"

Prozac is a dick.
But he's a great player. He's like the Kanye West of GameFAQs, if Kanye had talent.