Best voice of UMVC3?

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l3lue0ni posted...
Jinkininki posted...
I think it's MODOK's. It fits the character so well it is UNREAL. Aside of that, it's also very expressive and oozes personality.

His medium powered beam hyper... The laugh... My god...

Hell yeah. He sounds like such a maniac with that laughter. It's easily one of the best laughs in the entire game.
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I have to give it to Wesker. Hell I think most characters in this game have good or GREAT voices. Got to give props to Nolan North's Deadpool.
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Super Skrull. That "BURN, IGNORANT CREATURE, YAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA" is friggin' awesome.

Honorable mentions to Dormammu, Wesker, Arthur and Rocket Raccoon.
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xion1 posted...
Felicia's voice, it's so adorable knowing she did both Felicia and kitty helper It's so CUTE X3

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Chris, easily

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Dormammu, Shuma and MODOK have the best voices IMO.
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Nova and skrull they just yell everything and skrulls laughter when he does inferno is so epic
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We forgot to mention GALACTUS!
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Skrull, Doom and Nova are the best imo. As well as Magneto! OMG Magneto!
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5) Nova
4) Supa Skrull
3) Dormammu
2) Dr. Doom
1) Hands down.......Albert ******* Wesker

Wesker sounds like he's tryna kill the world at the beginning of his level 3. I LOVE IT. His counter Hyper makes it seem like you literally stand no chance. He doesn't call out move names for his special moves either. Like a got damn boss. His moves know what the **** they are.

Everything Wesker says is either amazing, chilling or boss.
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