Best voice of UMVC3?

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4 years ago#41
Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, Doctor Strange, Storm, Ghost Rider, Magneto and Hawkeye are pretty good too.
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4 years ago#42
vanilla skrull was godlike "he loves you, INFERRNOO" damn i miss that
4 years ago#43
Ghost Rider
4 years ago#44
Wow, Dormammu and Super-Skrull sure are popular.

This whole game has overall god tier voice acting, though. Only a few characters have bad voices.
4 years ago#45
I love the voice acting in this game for the most part. Easier question is who is the worst voice actor. My first thought for worst is Akuma's english voice. The way he screams everything just sounds horrible while the japanese VA delivers in a way that sounds calm but still murderous. Wesker, Doom, and Dormammu are in the top for best in my opinion but I also like Dante's VA, especially his win quotes against Vergil and Dormammu ("Come on, get up! You can do better than that!" & "Get the hell out of my face!").
4 years ago#46
Chris hands down whoever did his voice is pretty convincing especially in the games, well at least for me.
Rocket Raccoon is hilarious
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4 years ago#47
Nova and X-23's voices.

Nova because of how in-character it is and hes so entertaining. X-23's because not only is it good but she is voiced by Tara Strong. Yeah, look at my sig.
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