Gonna run team DMC for a while.

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User Info: Orosuke

4 years ago#1
Best line-up? I'm not gonna run anchor Vergil, I'm run Dante.

I'm more than capable with each of the characters, so only advice I need it best DHCs, assists, and maybe best Round Harvest setups?
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User Info: GOLD_sonic

4 years ago#2

That's your lineup.
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User Info: sonofcasbah

4 years ago#3
your username sounds extremely familiar, like i have seen and talked with you before
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User Info: StrykeBlayde

4 years ago#4

Use this for reference.
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User Info: lol_what

4 years ago#5
I personally like trish/dante/vergil because trish -> dante and dante -> vergil are good DHC'S that can really eliminate the mediocre damage trish/dante have and you can clutch out Totally Deserved and Skillful wins with dark vergil

Given that poll at least 1 person likes every single configuration so just throw things out and see what you like.
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  3. Gonna run team DMC for a while.

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