fighting/counter pick zero teams...a little help?

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Strider assist I have found can work well.

Also I don't know why, but the captain america matchup feels really comfortable. Might just be me, or maybe not.

It's just you. Other cap players on SRK speak to Zero being one of Cap's hardest match ups. I haven't played enough Zeros with my fresh new Cap to confirm it personally, but that is what I've read.

it is a bad matchup, Zero is in the air too much for Cap to be effective.against him and he can also be safe too much with good hitboxes.

Very similar to Morrigan
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My morrigan/vergil/strider team does decently against zero. The zero player having jam session does make this match a lot harder though. I wouldn't call this a counterpick, but morrigan+doom can do better than most against zero. The real problem is that zero is ussually hanging out with dante and/or vergil.