fchamp calls firebrand most underrated character in game

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ih0tfirei posted...
Of course he is. The game is moving towards TAC infinites or TAC kill combos and he's one of the hardest characters to block. I remember shady K playing firebrand/doom/strider casually and doing ridiculous things.

Why block against firebrand when you can beat his poor normals?
#42GkryptonitePosted 2/2/2013 1:12:25 PM
it's because Zak Bennet repeatedly kicks his ass with him, but once firebrand dies then he's done
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Trish is not underrated. If she has a better air grab or an OTG, she'd be underrated. As is, she won't be climbing anyone's tier.

She can climb my tier any day. :) What? ._.

But I agree. Her damage output and meter build is average to below average. Not to mention she has several bad matchups against certain characters (Hawkeye, Dormammu, Morrigan, anyone using missiles or vajra, etc). Her zoning is good, but gets beat out by several characters. And her rushdown is also solid, but not as good as others. She can be hard to fight, but she's middle of the road IMO.

I think Firebrand is good, but he hits like my grandma. Spiderman, Jill, X23 and Felicia all have a lot of potential IMO.
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