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how do i close in on the opponent with morrigan? (Archived)
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Congratulations to Jan for his EVO performance (Archived)
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Marn vs Chris G (Archived)
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What CHARACTER did you want to win? (Poll)
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Evo 2014 Archives? (Archived)GreenMean37/15 9:30PM
who did you want to win evo? (Poll)
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ShaolinAced187/15 9:01PM
Impractical stuff for online? (Archived)Karvisa9187/15 8:02PM
How much money did you lose at EVO this year? (Archived)MasterD3d37/15 6:48PM
Thanks for the support Gfaqs! (Archived)
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Justin Wong Your UMVC3 Champion (Archived)
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Something I noticed watching F Champ's defence. (Archived)Platypus_747/14 6:30PM
I just don't get it.. (Archived)
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LionHartZero357/14 6:19PM
Magneto Hypergrav glitch on Nemesis? (Archived)Old_Sod37/14 4:37PM
Vids for top 8 (Archived)faust_the_great27/14 7:24AM
This Evo would have been different if it was on PS3 (Archived)MillionGunmannn47/14 5:36AM
Calling it now. Next year Justing will finish 5th... (Archived)Arkayna17/14 1:22AM
Just got reminded (Archived)LitchiFayeLing47/13 8:59PM
Anyone have the hype video they played before the top 8? (Archived)RoxasAleron27/13 8:08PM
zerowinslol (Archived)
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IT's gotta feel bad (Archived)LitchiFayeLing97/13 7:54PM