Who do you think will win EVO this year?

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User Info: DarkJaydragon

4 years ago#1
I hope Kayo wins UMVC so we can see more of her, she's so hot.

How about you?
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User Info: Firsnachie

4 years ago#2
Chris G
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User Info: Killarock404

4 years ago#3
....not even going to touch that one, but i think that its really difficult to say atm. People are starting to figure out Chris G, and he was was my initial pick, and a lot can change in 5 months. I think I'll go with F Champ.

User Info: MK9_Prodigy

4 years ago#4
Gonna go with Champ.
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User Info: Scott_Stapp_

4 years ago#5
It'll be Chris G.
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User Info: TheSteelPhoenix

4 years ago#6
Champ or Chris G. Just from what i've seen, its GOT to be them in the grand finals.
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User Info: smasher61

4 years ago#7
i want rog to win
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User Info: Old_Sod

4 years ago#8
smasher61 posted...
i want rog to win
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User Info: Azumarill12777

4 years ago#9
My boys Chris G or FChamp, otherwise EVO isn't worth watching.

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User Info: Venator_Lupus

4 years ago#10
Wong, combofiend or yipes.

I have a feeling wong will put time into it this year and hopefully make up his mind on a proper team.
I also think champ will get randomed out.
I rant therefore I am.
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