Imagine Spiral / Sentinel for Umvc3 2013 new updates & DLC

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lol_what posted...
spiral is a really cool character and I'd be down with her in this game, BUT

1. If this game can't handle tvc frank west calling a couple zombies at the same time, spirals level 3 would probably blow up your console from having to load all those models at mach speed.

2. people are already mad about vergil and capcom made orbs a level 3. Everyone would complain about spiral untill dancing sword is garbage (if capcom doesn't per-emptvly do it)

3. marvel sees this game as nothing but a giant advertisement, and since spiral wasn't even popular back in the 90's she has no chance

1) was just a rumor made up by someone who was later proven to be a liar. Seth said that they had no problems getting any of the characters to work in UMvC3.

2) shouldn't be a problem because Dancing Swords wouldn't allow for teleport-cross-ups I imagine, and they would have low projectile durability. Then again, Arthur was originally supposed to be able to throw 8 daggers per jump, and you know what happened to that...

3) is entirely true.
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BeanUno posted...
Spiral is in the new X-Force so she's relevant in the Marvel Now universe, so there could be a chance...

Cool, did not know that, don't read comics. Glad to hear she's "Relevant". It would make sense for them to bring in characters that not only have future movies coming, but have things going on for them in the comic book universe too. Black panther sounds awesome.. Movie release date 2014-2016. Along with Antman and characters from Guardians of the Galaxy, not a lot of people know about but still cool nonetheless. Out of the list, I think most people would only recognize Ironman & RR, the rest of the cast seems interesting, includes animals.

- Adam Warlock, Drax the Destory, Gamora, Quasar Martyr, Rocket Raccoon, Star-Lord, Groot, Mantis, Major Victory, Bug, Jack Flag, Cosmo the Spacedog, Moondragon, Ironman.