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3 years ago#1
"Good's not bad but bad is better"
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3 years ago#2
I dont hate any quotes. I just wish some characters had more.
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3 years ago#3
"Get a new act dude. Kung fu is so 70's."
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3 years ago#4

I hear this to the point of it being imprinted on my brain
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3 years ago#5
SolidAbyss posted...

I hear this to the point of it being imprinted on my brain

Exactly. Everything about Frank annoys me.
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3 years ago#6
For the love of...


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3 years ago#7
Spencer's quote when he threatens Felicia pisses me off!!!

Ironman Insulting Wright is a douche move.

Everything Haggar says.
3 years ago#8
everything Dante says
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3 years ago#9
everything ghost rider says to ammy because it implies she's not the nicest person on the roster

everything dante says because it's incredibly lame and not in the charming way actual dmc3 dante was written. Some of his endquotes have some wonky writing and could use some editing, too.

everything vergil says because it's copypasted from dmc3 (probably to avoid the problem with dantes writing)
3 years ago#10
serpentaurus posted...
everything Dante says
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