Working on a team dedicated to a deceased Skype friend: DP/Dante/Frank West

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DestructiveCriticism posted...
I'm curious as to how this team is in remembrance of him, were these his favourite characters?

Yeah they were. He was also a Snake main in Brawl. So I'm trying to learn Snake as well.
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How do you know he's dead? Was he a water pokemon too? If he was a human, how was able to communicate with Azumarill?
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1Scream1 posted...
How do you know he's dead? Was he a water pokemon too? If he was a human, how was able to communicate with Azumarill?

...I'm sorry but this just made my day.
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This is f*cking stupid.
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Dragoomba posted...
I am f*cking stupid.

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Dragoomba posted...
This is f*cking stupid.

ha ha ha
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Man,dying at 18 years old....The dude was a kid still.This saddens me to no end.

People leaving this world too young puts me on a foul mood.Just this week,the country is mourning a hit and run massacre where a grandma,her 4 grandsons(Between the ages of 10 months to 9 years) and the mother of 2 of them(21 years old) lost their lives crossing the street.The police still haven't found the perpetrators(the car was stolen).....

One kid(6 years old) is the sole survivor of it all.

I feel for you,Azumarill. >:*(
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I feel you to man. I had a close friend of mine die when she was 16. I taught her how to play ammy and dante because those two were fav characters. Ever since release day, I played Zero, Dante and ammy. I remebered I wanted to drop ammy for vergil when umvc3 came out. But I decided to stick my team in her memory. People do indeed die so young. R.I.P. Shirley. I'll kick some asses with your favs
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Dragoomba posted...
This is f*cking stupid.

"dont know how my skype friend died" just seems............................
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O right forgot to saw my tips on this.
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