Sooo why wasn't Moon Knight, Daredevil, Punisher or another street level hero...

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too punchy
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moon knight and daredevil got folded into taskmaster and we already have chris
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Punisher would have been an okay addition though we could have used Luke Cage IMO.

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Daredevil was in this game, but he's not unplayable because he's in the background of the Hand Headquarter (or Fortress?). Also, he was in the card and it's for Herald & Heroes mode.

On the other hand, Punisher was rejected because Chris Redfield was the best choice for first game of MvsC3. For H&H mode, he was in the card.

Moon Knight was rejected by Marvel and Capcom. No reason why.

What kind of "a street level hero" are you speaking of?

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Non of them were relevant in marvel except for the Punisher after this series had been out...
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BeanUno posted...
Non of them were relevant in marvel except for the Punisher after this series had been out...

This unfortunately
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#8AWorldUnitedPosted 2/8/2013 12:05:19 AM
actually, no.

daredevil had shadowland, like cage was leading 3 teams of super heroes and just stopped a month ago, punisher wasn't doing much but still should have been in, panther was ruling Africa, black cat child have been in our black widow

instead, the put in iron fist, with his stupid and it off character Bruce Lee noises and ghost rider who had an abysmal movie out. both of which are in the running for worst character in game.

Good job Capcom and Marvel.
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Or, you know, they simply cannot put every character in the game.

Are the characters you listed viable and decent picks? Well, Punisher and Daredevil are anyway (Moon Knight is kind of a "????" to put on the same level as those two though.) Does that mean they should be in? Not necessarily. Not every character is going to make the cut, and some characters have to be dropped.

Once you understand this, everything falls into place. I mean, you can't tell me that characters like Gene from God Hand, Date Masamune from Sengoku Basara, a Breath of Fire character, someone from Onimusha, etc. didn't deserve to be in this game, especially when we have 4 characters from Street Fighter and Resident Evil, or 3 from Devil May Cry (a series that as much as I like, could have totally gotten away with just Dante). I'm not gonna whine about any of those, because I understand LIMITED ROSTER SIZE and all that.
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Moon Knight would've been awesome. Daredevil would be redundant given that we already have Ghost Rider. Punisher would've been redundant in any scenario, and is downright lame.

Moon Knight is the only one weho would've been unique, since this game still doesn't have a bo staff user.