Sooo why wasn't Moon Knight, Daredevil, Punisher or another street level hero...

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AWorldUnited posted...
Im rather glad none of BMB pet characters like Luke Cage or 1970s Spiderwoman got forced into the game

awwww not up open to people looking different than captain America? tis tough, but you will deal

Whaf exactly are you implying?

Anyway, Luke Cage sucks and so does Spider Woman.
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For all we know one or two of these characters could have been the ones that were planned to be added in UMVC3, but couldn't because the higher ups wanted it to be out by Christmas 2011.
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All 3 are currently getting new series as well...since 2006 all of them have held ongoing titles and have been in multiple books at once...but bad writing kills them...but then good writing brings them back...then bad writing kills them again

Litereally, Moon Knights first series was the highest selling series Marvel had behind Wolverine and Spider-Man...his third series was the lowest. lol
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I agree that there is a pretty big lack of street level heroes. Daredevil is the big one.

Amusingly, Injustice is facing the opposite problem, too many street level characters and not enough with interesting powers.
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