Official GameFAQs Community ANCHOR tier list results and discussion thread

#11soniczero9Posted 2/11/2013 2:51:39 PM
SolidAbyss posted...
Doom is A? lol

Dante is B+? lol

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Mind you this can also be taking into account that Doom has 3 of the best assists in the game, so running him anchor allows to characters to make use of these assists. When I filled this out I didn't make this a straight up 1v1 saying "this character is better than this character so he gets a higher ranking". Things like assists, use of X-factor, and other odds and ends went in. So in that case some character will be rated in odd spots.
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CrispyPimp posted...
Super Skrull is overrated as an anchor.

Skrull is a great level 3 x-factor character. But once x-factor runs out he becomes mediocre at best.
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