Roll Call! Who's evo bound?

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User Info: number1fan

4 years ago#11
RagingRicans posted...
I'm probably going ,but I have to take my GF *sigh*. Last thing I want to do lol

I dont even want to go with you... my name isnt number1fan anymore.
I <3 RagingRicans

User Info: MMX377

4 years ago#12
Hmm... I might. I was there in EVO '05 - '07 and lost on the MvsC2 bracket match. So... I guess it's worthy a try to compete for UMvsC3. Though, I may consider this last one if I don't make it. I expected they're gonna body me like that. -_-

I would register it right now, but not yet. Just not yet.
"Get up!! Show me your true power!" Ryu's victory in SF3

User Info: Zekira

4 years ago#13
Meh I'll try maybe next year or something... I'm all the way here in the Philippines and I need to save up a fortune if I really wanna participate in EVO.
UMvC3: Felicia (A) / Amaterasu (B) / Strider (Y). Philippines' Felicia and Amaterasu representative. Offline PS2/PS3 pad player with weird configuration.

User Info: MasterD3d

4 years ago#14
The god damned links don't work for me
PSN: DeathlyRed
Twitter: @Firaga87

User Info: badjab326

4 years ago#15
Slight possibility i'll go. Just to spectate though.
TTT2-Bruce & Bryan; UMvC3-Frank/Deadpool/Nems; MK9-Reptile

User Info: Bigezzay08

4 years ago#16
I'm going......nude.

User Info: Spabobin

4 years ago#17
I registered today. I hope I play NoizyChild in Marvel and SFxT (no particular reason why, I just do)
SSF4AE: Ibuki; Subs: Sakura, Ryu, M. Bison
UMvC3: Felicia/Hulk/Sentinel; Nova/Frank West/Sentinel

User Info: nooitzben

4 years ago#18
Yes I'm going and I do live in Vegas but only going as a spectator because I have no practice at any fighting games that will be part of the tournament.
3ds XL FC = 4785 - 4272 -2005

User Info: cloud805er

4 years ago#19
Any good 360>ps3 converters? If not then no evo for me

User Info: Old_Sod

4 years ago#20
Bigezzay08 posted...
I'm going......nude.

Well I wasn't planning on going......but dang...

*Books ticket*
Playing: TF2 (PC), UMvC3 (XBL), Dota 2 (PC)
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