When trying to learn a new character you put him on point, so..

#1xxterradarkxxxPosted 2/15/2013 9:21:56 AM
I want to get more practice with doom. Who are some good team mates for him. I main vergil, wesker, task. I have some proficiency with DP, Sent, and Akuma, and the frank westinator.... so yeah. thoughts?
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#2CrispyPimpPosted 2/15/2013 9:27:33 AM
Sentinel drones is probably his best assist. Rapid slash is also a popular choice but im not a fan of it.
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#4ZekiraPosted 2/16/2013 8:44:50 AM
Doom-Ammy-Hiryu is easily one of the best Doom-oriented teams.
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