If there was a mechanic to remove your opponent's X-Factor

#1MegamanRockX2Posted 2/18/2013 2:15:55 PM
How often do you think people would use it? Especially in tournaments?
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#2NoizyChildPosted 2/18/2013 2:22:37 PM
It would make XF pointless to even have, and would take away the game's identity.
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#3DarkKirby2500Posted 2/18/2013 2:33:57 PM
People don't whine about X-Factor anymore.

Was it Chris Matrix who hosted an X-Factorless tournament and nobody (barely anybody) showed?

And overall, the feature existing would hurt the game as it would split the community.
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#4Strider HienPosted 2/18/2013 2:40:47 PM
But you mean in-game? Like if I use a special move that would grey out your "X" option for a few seconds?

That would allow for some safe rush options,without the fear of being X-canceled and stuff.
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#5AegisIkanaPosted 2/18/2013 3:59:30 PM
There is. It's called triple jump.
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