I don't use ____ because. Day 31: Trish

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User Info: Jinkininki

4 years ago#21

User Info: TwistedSenses

4 years ago#22
Trish is fun, but I still need to find a team that suits her. Thinking of Taskmaster/Trish/Dante or something to that effect.
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User Info: christiankid7

4 years ago#23
I still use trish but....I don't as much anymore. She isn't a good fit for my team I guess.
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User Info: sbn4

4 years ago#24
She's my number 2 most used right behind Chris. I use these two a lot together. I have a team for her by herself, but I like using two of my best characters on the same team a lot.

Plus for that sex appeal and I'd have dat overtime with her.
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User Info: Emperor_Zerg

4 years ago#25
She is my most used character, but I'm having a hard time finding a team that isn't Jago's or doesn't involve Doom to use with her. Pretty unsuccessful so far. ..
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  3. I don't use ____ because. Day 31: Trish

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