Got this game at launch as a casual player, interested in watching competitive.

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I've never been to the Phoenix Wright forums over at, but most of the UMvC3 character forums typically have a topic for showing videos of that character in competitive action or showing off combos, I'm sure Phoenix Wright has a video topic as well.

This is the topic I was talking about:

You'll probably want to skip to the last couple of pages for more recent videos.

the whole [media=youtube]g7_YLA8m-Xo[/media] thing going on for a lot of the videos there is annoying to work with, but if you want to watch any of those videos, just take a typical youtube video link, and delete anything after the "v=" and replace it with whatever you see in between the brackets.

For example, the link I put in the example [media=youtube]g7_YLA8m-Xo[/media], you would take a typical video link such as: (Winter Brawk SSF4AE grand finals, Rog vs Sanford, in case anyone is curious about this link)

and replace the PqVQwI4rv4o

with g7_YLA8m-Xo

So that your youtube link would look like

and voila.

I think when they changed the forums on SRK, the embedding got messed up on a lot of videos, would be nice if they fix it soon... or eventually. I probably didn't need to tell you how to copy and paste, but maybe I made life a little easier for one person somewhere lol.
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Some of the best places to catch high level competitive Marvel 3:

Tonight, at about 9:30 PM PST/12:30 EST, there will be a 5v5 Marvel exhibition between Socal players that will be streamed at:

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