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If you could take away 1 move from a character, what would it be? (Archived)
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Best Storm-centric Team? (Archived)
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can someone help me get better? (Archived)
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Questions for the Hawkeyes out there... (Archived)
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morrigan vs. dormammu? (Archived)
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Level 3 X-Factor "Dark Vergil" is actually a feature in DMC3 (Archived)MillionGunmannn109/23 6:57AM
Best All-Marvel Team? (Archived)
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How "practicle" are my BnB's? (Archived)BDMrenegade1039/23 6:25AM
Thor(Beam)/Doom(Missiles)/Dante(JS)? (Archived)Old_Sod69/22 5:52PM
There must be a more simple way!! (Archived)
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Question about Madcatz stick button layouts. (Archived)kikook19/21 1:46PM
How is your mission mode progress? (Poll)
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