remind me why this game is random

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  3. remind me why this game is random
2 years ago#1
I remember having that thought when I think about marvel.

but now, after watching several battles, I now can see why X occurs. it is no longer a random thing
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2 years ago#2
50/50 mixups all day
hypers with actual random stuff (strider animals, okami shuffle, etc)
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2 years ago#3
2 years ago#4
People misuse the word random.
2 years ago#5
Patrick7286 posted...
People misuse the word random.

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2 years ago#6
"random" is faster then "sloppy game design and stupid ****"
2 years ago#7
"Random" is generally used as an excuse for why someone lost.
Who knew a "rage quitting scrub" like me could make so much noize?
2 years ago#8
Patrick7286 posted...
People misuse the word random.

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2 years ago#9
It's because this game has so many possible mixups, unblockables, and really-hard-to-block-ables.
2 years ago#10
Because people:

- Assume they have/will have perfect execution and compare about randomness when they drop combos
- Assume all combos start with H and don't know how to adjust when they need to hit confirm with 2 Ls
- Assume Zero/Vergil/Viper are god tier and have no bad matchups, when they do
- Think health is irrelevant and complain when their low health teams get TOD easily
- Complain about lvl 3 XF rather than learning how to deal with it
- Complain about TACs rather than learning how to predict it
- Insist on playing characters they like and staying away from they ones they don't
- Think all they need are brain dead teleport mixups to win, and refuse to learn the fundamentals
- Complain that mixups can't be block, rather than learning how to deal with them
- Think they are godlike when they pick top tiers and shouldn't need to respect Hulk/Haggar/Phoenix.
- Say that this game is scrub friendly and easiest fighting game ever, then cry when they get bodied

Did I miss anything?
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  3. remind me why this game is random

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