Spooky and Fanatiq having an argument on twitter about Final Round's "events".

#1DarkKirby2500Posted 4/5/2013 5:14:18 PM

It goes beyond that single linked conversation but I can't post everything.
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This social media drama. 2gud. You'd think these people would handle all these issues privately. Now they both just look like they want attention. Oh wells.
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#3liltaggPosted 4/5/2013 5:26:11 PM
Yeaaaaaah. Neither one of them lookin good, only needed to see 2 or 3 tweets. Meh drama, meh situation, will lol when Fanatiq gets b& from spooky events.
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Exactly what is this "incident" that occurred? Anybody know?
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GhostHawk50 posted...
Exactly what is this "incident" that occurred? Anybody know?

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love spooky but he needs to not react so much. if he just said his thing at FR and move on, fanatiq would just have to hold that and stew on it while looking salty by bringing it up after the drama passed. but now he's on about weird jesus stuff...in public. just bad form for both of them.

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That Chris G vs Fanatiq match was certainly not Staged Kappa. In all seriousness there is definitely something "funky" going on there.
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liltagg posted...
will lol when Fanatiq gets b& from spooky events.

#10abcdWazzaHefghijklmnPosted 4/6/2013 7:46:14 AM
EVO Any Amount of Sponsors Match

Spooky vs. Fanatiq Best out of 8.95

Spooky is being a little diva about it though. lol he brought up the point before "Fanatiq I thought you were a Christian." Not sure if he deleted that quote but I sure as hell saw it.

Team Spooky &#8207;@teamspooky 18h
@MrFanatiq you never seemed to care, why would i bother bringing it up to you again?

Fanatiq Gamerson Fanatiq Gamerson &#8207;@MrFanatiq 18h
@teamspooky How can I seem to care when you seem to be o.k with it? YOU HAVE ASKED ME TO DO IT IN THE PAST. How would I know it was bad now?

Sounded like Spooky let Fanatiq on stream at WB, Fanatiq plugged his code, Spooky says he got annoyed by it, but then let him on the stream again at FR. He should have just stopped it there.