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So I have been thinking, players want to have continued support for their games afterwards (patches, balances,etc) while game devs complain about lack of resources, no further profit for it, etc.

So what if someone were to make a free to play game, you can play offline as much as you want, but online, you can only play X amount of times per day after that you have to pay for each game (much like people had to do in the old days in the arcade).

In this setup, you can train, play with friends, or create tournaments or play casually without having to pay anything. But for those that want to play heavily online, you have to pay a bit to play more.

With money funnelling in after the game has been made, companies can't whine about lack of resources or lack of continued revenue for support of the game. The more they balance and fix the game, the more people will be inclined to play or continue playing.

Right now this format of game is being used for Gundam Battle Operations for the PS3. Completely free to download, online only, you can play 3 times a day for free, additional plays you have to pay for.
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The company will make no money then, because everyone would just play offline. The FGC today is still "poverty" and if they have a free game, it would easily blow up, but the company that made it will not also not get a cent out of it
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STT_Zidane posted...
The company will make no money then, because everyone would just play offline

But not everyone plays the game for only offline, if everyone only plays offline, why does an online community exist?
#4TaizukuPosted 4/22/2013 10:52:55 AM
So kinda like DFO? It's American server is going down in like 2 weeks.

Fighting games are too niche for something like that in America.
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#5DarkKirby2500Posted 4/22/2013 11:00:44 AM
Have to pay to play online at all = people don't play online.

The only online pay to play game today that hasn't failed is WoW.

Starcraft 2's DRM is to the point where even tournaments must play online through Blizzard's servers. But they don't rely on constant payment from players to keep the game up and patch it, which is still pretty rare. They use advertising and other methods to get money without asking players to constantly pay after the initial game cost.
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Taizuku posted...
So kinda like DFO? It's American server is going down in like 2 weeks.

came here to post this

rip, only good korean MMMO ever made ;_;7