Urgent message to all the Felicia players here.

#1ZekiraPosted 4/25/2013 6:23:37 AM
Kitty Slash (command normal b.H) is the one truth. Undoubtedly Felicia's best normal. It is seriously underrated.

It is Felicia's best normal, and I have just thoroughly tested it out earlier and I actually went 70/30 against a Wolverine/Plasma Beam with my Felicia/Cold Star.

Let me break down quickly the reasons:

-It has an incredibly fast startup, for one thing. Much faster than her s.H and c.H, that's for sure.

-What's more is that it has ridiculously fast recovery. You can literally end it without cancelling into anything and the opponent will actually have a hard time punishing it unless he's using Vergil...

-you can cancel it into anything you like since it acts just like a normal; cancelling it into Cat Spike L is generally safe (??? needs confirmation first since I don't know Cat Spike L's exact frame data) and can confirm into a good 600k+ combo if it hits; cancelling it into EX Charge on the first hit puts them in perfect range for Hell Cat M and c.L. And since it's such a fast normal, it's actually hard to pushblock on reaction if the opponent is trying to get hits in too.

-Here's the clincher: the hitboxes on her legs are actually larger than her hurtboxes. In fact, it's so large that it actually TRADES HITS WITH S FOOT DIVE. Sure you still get combo'd by Doom if Foot Dive hits you, but note that since you can call an assist during Kitty Slash, and the fact that Doom now has to deal with an air hit due to Kitty Slash, if you have the right assist then you are actually relatively safe.
of course trying to beat Foot Dive with any normal head on is a stupid idea anyway, don't do it. I just tried it for testing purposes.

-the knockback of this move on block is actually pretty damn far, which adds another value to its hard-to-punish trait. On hit, you can easily confirm it into Rolling Slide or Cat Spike L since it also has a decent amount of hitstop.

-You could also opt to cancel it into assist + Delta Kick H for a quick crossup. Cancel it into Delta Kick L if you want to try and fish out people going for crouching Lights, as Delta Kick L's jump will actually allow you to dodge c.L's and is perfectly positive on block if not chicken block'd.

You can use Kitty Slash as Felicia's primary footsie; what you do is you stay JUST OUTSIDE OF THE OPPONENT'S THROW RANGE, and when both of you are in the neutral, both Kitty Slash AND Hell Cat L are in perfect range.
Felicia gets the advantage of having the longest ass easily accessible command grab in the game in the form of Hell Cat L, and Kitty Slash complements it with almost the same speed. Since c.L no longer hits, what you have to think about now when using this would be whether your opponent likes to hit buttons a lot (Hell Cat L) or likes to block and jump a lot (Kitty Slash xx mixup options).

This move is seriously underrated.

By the way, yes it can beat out tri-dashers like Magneto, and it perfectly confirms into S as when her legs are fully extended out, she actually moves forward.

You can't use it to Kara Hell Cat though, at least I couldn't pull it off successfully, due to the forward-property being existent DURING its active frames.

Oh and since its input is b.H, it option selects into normal throw (which Felicia can combo off of) when done up close.

Something to think about. Try it against rushdown characters; Felicia's biggest weakness are characters that have faster rushdown (Wolverine, Magneto) and other characters with ridiculously relentless normals (Morrigan, Wesker); the former can seriously be checked by smart move of Kitty Slash.

You guys should really try it out. I had fun poking Wolverines earlier.
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#2Zekira(Topic Creator)Posted 4/25/2013 6:35:09 AM
Update: according to frame data I found, Cat Spike L is completely positive both on hit and block. So yeah.
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#3Zekira(Topic Creator)Posted 4/25/2013 7:09:04 AM
By the way, when I mean 'fast' I mean 'fast for its range'.
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Thanks ill remember that.
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#5justcusimasianPosted 4/25/2013 10:31:06 AM
haven't really played Felicia since the days of vanilla, but good stuff

this might be the inspiration I need to pick up a better B team and actually have fun in sets
#6askinywhiteguyPosted 4/25/2013 10:35:06 AM
*Memorizes everything*

Also, someone send this to DJ Houshen.
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Finally I have an excuse to use this:

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#8KarsticlesPosted 4/25/2013 10:45:44 AM
Zekira, you're a nice fellow and always help people, so I'll return the favor with some frame data:

Cat Spike L: +4 on hit, +2 on block
Cat Spike M: +9 on hit, +7 on block

b.H frame data:
8 startup, 8 active, 23 recovery, -3 on hit, -5 on block.

If you're curious about any other frame data, ask in this thread and I'll type it out for you.
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#9Zekira(Topic Creator)Posted 4/25/2013 6:15:03 PM
It's really making me happy, since, for the longest time ever, I have not ever grasped fully the concept of footsies and I end up crapping it up when I try. But now that I realize how great some normals can get, well...

And yes, thanks for that Karst.

Don't get intimidated by it's -5 on block. As said, since it's a normal, you can cancel it into anything to make it positive, and its pushback on block is enough to give people problems punishing it.

Another normal you could also consider is s.L. It has pretty good range and her tail doesn't have a hurtbox (...iirc)

Oh and even if the opponent pushblocks your b.H as you cancel it into Cat Spike L, because Cat Spike L recovers quickly as well, it's still relatively hard to punish without a great normal (again, Vergil, which you should be pummeling with Kitty Helper anyway)

From what I've tried out in matches yesterday, b.H is probably Felicia's best tool against other rushdown characters. Now if only i can find someone who uses point Wesker to try out how well it works against him.... (Wesker has seriously given me a lot of problems as Felicia before)
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#10Zekira(Topic Creator)Posted 4/25/2013 6:25:13 PM(edited)
Karst: is there anything listed for the 'recovery' of EX Charge? I'm pretty sure that once you let go of the H button, Felicia doesn't recover instantly. All I know is that it has I think 13 frames of startup which is 10 frames faster than Kitty Slash's recovery, but I have no idea about the time it takes for Felicia to get back into neutral stance after releasing H...
Oh and how about the number of active frames for the standing and crouching normals?

But yeah, remember guys, the point of this is that you know have a tool to stay completely out of the range of the typical c.L's of rushdown characters, which makes you worry less about getting poked out, and you can beat them out with a really long ass normal of yours that comes out really fast for its range (it's just as fast as her launcher, and we know that everyone's launchers are naturally fast) and is cancellable into any special.

The reason why I opted to try this out is that I just recently watched the hitbox guide (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2yimaCc-wms)... look:

First hit: http://i.imgur.com/5Ht8A7E.png
First hit's second hitbox: http://i.imgur.com/uga4M0P.png notice the anti-air hitbox+hurtbox combination
Transition of second hit: http://i.imgur.com/DvDv7qI.png look at the size of the hitbox on her legs relative to the hurtbox
Second hit's second hitbox, and last active frames: http://i.imgur.com/AmmL2dt.png the hitbox on her legs get even huger.
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