if capcom can get the rights for strider why can't they get dio

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think about it
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You fail
What a drag...
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#3stevenbobPosted 4/26/2013 5:03:25 PM
one is an ip they own and the other is not?
striders apperance is owned by the Moto Kikaku they co created it
dio was created by araki and has no ties with capcom

oh sorry lol what
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I want Troy/Zac Efron from high school musical to be in marvel vs capcom 4. Capcom doesn't have problems getting the rights for Disney chraracters.

Think about it!
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Who's Dio? Is he from Final Fantasy VII? Or is there someone in some games?
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Why would you want him here?
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can i just say i would kill an entire family for this guy
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#9InyofasePosted 4/26/2013 5:33:17 PM
Barbie was in a Toy Story movie maybe Capcom can bring her to mvc4!
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MMX377 posted...
Who's Dio? Is he from Final Fantasy VII? Or is there someone in some games?

ronnie james dio, you know, the guy who did holy diver? he'd make a great counterpart to john cena