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3 years ago#61
Pics_nao_plz posted...
I read he got banned from EVO. Any truth to this?

No. Wiz is a troll.
3 years ago#62
solidoutlaw posted...
Win on ps3

"No issue".

Lose on ps3


Slowdown and input lag were issues on the ps3 version since vainlla but when players only complain about it in these select moments, it's hard to take them seriously.

Actually you are wrong ... go to Gamespot's Gootek Chris G interview after his lost. He says he won a match against PR Rog because of PS3 lag.

Win or Lose ... he doesn't like PS3 because then there is a random element that shouldn't be there.

Too many of you guys say stuff without knowing the whole story which is worst than Chris G's whining.
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3 years ago#63
I've heard that the PS3 version drops frames OFFLINE! But i'm not sure if it's true.
3 years ago#64
Maybe I'm just out of the loop these days or something but I feel sorry for that " Taxi "guy never seen em' before...lawl
BEST player in the world saying what he did pulicly like that might discourage em' from coming out to anything else...
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3 years ago#65
1TruKing posted...
NoizyChild posted...
Yeah, PS3 has horrible lag.

Still no excuse, though. How many tournaments has Chris G won that were on PS3? Now all of a sudden he wants to blame the lag?

The other guy was playing on the same system, and he won. Chris just has to deal with it.

To my knowledge 0. EVO, last years final round, and this years ncr are on ps 3. chris seems to have some problems on ps 3 as do most pro's because its a garbage system to play on.

It's not so much that the PS3 is to blame, as it is that clearly MVC3 was developed for 360 and the port to PS3 was a sloppy one. This happened in 2008 all the time (as devs weren't sure how to port to PS3's unique architecture, so bad ports like AC1 etc happened) until after that when they figured out how to make both multiplatform games virtually identical.
3 years ago#66
Chris G should not blame the console he should blame society, people might buy it.
3 years ago#67
Chris whining after one loss like a child and the guy who runs evo with the high school comebacks. Stay classy fgc
3 years ago#68
His fault for not practicing on PS3.

I have very little sympathy for these people that are obviously in the competitive scene but do not practice on the same hardware.
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3 years ago#69
Chris G won in the end so I don't get why this is even an issue?
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3 years ago#70
AStrawhatPirate posted...
Chris G won in the end so I don't get why this is even an issue?

What video you watch?
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