This is why Chris G is the best UMVC3 Player

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Holy_Cloud105 posted...
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ChrisG is like John Cena

Except Chris G is actually talented and good at what he does

Cena's neither talented or good at what he does?

No. Cena only has amazing matches with CM Punk. Money in the Bank 2011 was Cena's best match of his career.

Cena had a better match with CM Punk on a random Monday Night Raw this year. Remember the Piledriver he took, and powerbomb he delivered? That match > MITB. During the PG era, I agree that all of his matches are damn near the same. With identical movesets.

However, Cena being restricted in what he says & does != untalented. His bosses want him to wrestle and project himself in a certain manner. When he debuted vs. Angle on smackdown MANY years ago, he had damn near twice the moveset he has now. But times have changed (moves being banned, different era of 'wrestling', etc.). He was also MAD good when he was \/\/ | 6 6 A Cena (sup mods), and when he had his 5 questions with the champ segments.

But his bosses want him to be lame and continue to draw big crowds. So he's lame and continues to draw big crowds. I dont' like it, but that doesn't mean he's not good/not talented.
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SonicNash posted...
ChrisG is like John Cena, Rise above Hates.

Hustle, Respect & Loyalty.


He looks like Seth Rollins, he should form the shield.
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