Your first team in each game?

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3 years ago#31
XvSF - Magneto/Charlie

MvSF - Blackheart/Akuma

MvC1 - Ryu/Strider

MvC2 - Magneto/Iron Man/Psylocke

MvC3 - Magneto/Sentinel/Haggar

UMvC3 - Taskmaster/Magneto/Amaterasu
3 years ago#32
MvC2: Jill/Morrigan/Dan(since I only got it during the last sale)
MvC3: Trish/X-23/Wesker
UMvC3: Some combination of Jill/Wesker/Dante
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3 years ago#33
MVC1 : had the PS1 version, I think I always played as MegaMan

MVC2 : DC version, my first game for the Dreamcast (sniff), favorite team was: Jill, Cammy and Psylocke

MVC3: Wolverine, Taskmaster, Dorm

UMVC3: Deadpool, Wesker, Doom
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3 years ago#34
MvC (dream cast): I ran Ryu an Jin, I would always transform Ryu into "Akuma". Just button mashed mainly.

MvC2 (dream cast): my team was Amingo, Jin, and Tron. Still sucked at fighting games, started learning actual combos though. Knew a lot of people that liked to play, just casual get togethers.

MvC3 my team was Spencer, Tron... And something. Wasn't really feeling vanilla, didn't stick around for too long.

UMvC3 all my friends that I played street fight with had all moved on to umvc by this time, figured why not get serious with it. First was Tron/ nova/ doom, now I run Nova/tasky/doom.

Long story short, I like Tron lol.
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